Angel: Vampire Anthology DVD 

Angel: Vampire Anthology DVD Collection

DVD Rating: **

Reviewed by: Stephen McMorland

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What really let's these DVDs down is the extras. For an anthology apparently featuring the individual talents of the main co-stars there is precious little input from them, one measly little featurette and very short interviews between interviewer David Greenwalt and the featured stars. Each interview is predictable, with nothing revelatory.

In fact, Amy Acker was barely coherent as I suspect she was channelling her character at the time in full twitching, gibbering Fred mode.

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In general, the stars talk about the development of their characters from the first time we see them. Fans would be able to tell you as much if they had been awake at all for any part of the run of the show's five seasons. At best it could be described as mildly interesting.

Where is the commentary by the stars on each episode, fans expect more, especially for the price they are expected to cough up for this. Surely the fans want to hear what Alexis Denisof was thinking the first time he walked on the set, for instance, or how about a gallery of stills, or rather more interesting and revealing interviews?


Reviewed on: 19 Aug 2005
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Angel: Vampire Anthology DVD 
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Four discs, each featuring one of the four main co stars in four episodes of the vamp drama.
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Region: 3

Ratio: 1.78 (16x9FF)

Sound: English 2.0 surround

Extras: English for hard of hearing, character profiles

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