An Eye For An Eye

An Eye For An Eye

DVD Rating: *

Reviewed by: Josh Morrall

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The look of the film is still fuzzless and bright. Scratches have been ironed out. The sound is loud, because it's that kind of movie and in action pictures you don't expect aural subtlety.

It is the familiar SST extras package. In other words, don't expect Chuck's innermost thoughts on the fu of kung in a lengthy, but absorbing, interview, with hilarious outtakes and a measured Making Of featurette.

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What you get is the sweetness of nothing.

Reviewed on: 29 Mar 2005
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An Eye For An Eye packshot
Chuck Norris is an undercover narc in San Francisco who goes feral.
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Product Code: MP397D

Region: 2

Sound: Dolby Digital

Extras: Scene selection; trailer

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