American Cousins

American Cousins

DVD Rating: *

Reviewed by: Andrea Mullaney

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Oh, with these extras they're really not spoiling us. As the film was venerable Scottish actor Russell Hunter's final screen appearance, there's a tribute, which consists of a list of his movies, the text of his obituary as it appeared in The Guardian and some nice comments from the cast and crew about working with him. And aside from the movie's trailer, that's yer lot. You'd think they could have scrabbled together a featurette about Italians in Scotland or some deleted scenes, at least.

The sound mix of this disc isn't up to scratch either - it's muddy and volume-variable at points, leaving some of the dialogue hard to make out. And that's with a native Glaswegian reviewing it; I'd imagine it would be harder still for anyone not attuned to the accent. Poor show.

Copy picture Reviewed on: 27 Aug 2004
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Mafiosi hide out with their Scottish cousins, who run an ice cream parlour with chips.
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Product Code: MP356D

Region: 2

Sound: Dolby Digital

Extras: Tribute to Russell Hunter, trailer

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