A Kind Of Loving

Blu-Ray Rating: ***1/2

Reviewed by: Jennie Kermode

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A Kind Of Loving

John Schlesinger's classic is nicely presented here in a package with a good collection of extras. It even includes a supporting feature, 1961 documentary Terminus, in which the director explores Waterloo Station. This is a real treat or fans of his work and worth owning in its own right.

Also present here is A Kind Of Loving And The British New Wave, a featurette which includes interviews with John Hill and Melanie Williams and seeks to place the film in its proper historical context and explain its influence on cinema. There's also a separate interview with writer and broadcaster Stuart Maconie which offers a different perspective on these issues.

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Schlesinger speaks for himself in clips of audio interview from the NFT, played over a slow-moving series of stills from the film set; the sound quality isn't great here but most oof what the director has to say is discernible. It's the most informative part of the package and often quite entertaining, especially when he quotes from his early notes on filmmaking: "Always hve the sun behind you when shooting."

The one negative point about this Blu-ray is the navigation. It's cute that it's trying to preserve the kind of tones we see in the film and on its original merchandising, but the highlighting is so faint that some viewers will struggle to see it at all. Like the film's characters, you'll just have to persevere and hope to get lucky.

Reviewed on: 31 Jul 2016
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A classic kitchen sink drama about romance and misery in northern England.
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Region: 2

Extras: A Kind Of Loving And The British New Wave; excerpts from NFT interview with John Schlesinger; Terminus; Interview with Stuart Maconie

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