A Dark Song

DVD Rating: ****

Reviewed by: Jennie Kermode

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A Dark Song

Despite the fact that it puts its audience through the wringer emotionally, there's plenty in this film to make one want to watch it again, with lots of details revealing their significance the second time around. Being able to freeze scenes allows one to appreciate the complexity of the gorgeous occult artwork on display, which deserves more than a passing glance.

Accompanying it are four interviews apparently recorded during the shoot. All are careful not to include explicit spoilers, but they're likely to prove much more interesting if watched afterwards. the incluson of cinematographer Cathal Watters is interesting, and his experience enables him to look in more depth at aspects of the film that Liam Gavin, for all his skill as a writer and director, hasn't quite got the hang of communicating in an interview as yet. Accompanything the interviews are little glimpses of the crew at work, but these are not very informative in themselves.

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Also present here is the trailer, which makes the film look far more ordinary than it really is, including a lot of standard horror trappings which it uses as ballast, jettisoning them on its way to a more interesting conclusion.

Reviewed on: 05 Aug 2017
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A grieving mother sets out to contact her dead chiild.
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Product Code: B07288N7BF

Region: 2

Extras: Interviews with Cathal Watters, Catherine Walker, Liam Gavin and Steve Oram; trailer

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