A Bunch Of Amateurs

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Reviewed by: Mike Davies

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Bunch Of Amateurs
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The extras are basically just an electronic press kit with the main cast wittering on at no depth about the plot of the play and working with each other. They are, to say the least, a little unilluminating and brief. Commenting on his character, Reynolds’ entire contribution is: "I’m Burt Reynolds and I play a very conceited movie actor. It’s quite a stretch for me." Staunton remarks that doing a little radio one day and being on the Isle of Man with Burt Reynolds the next makes you feel like you’re on some sort of drug. Given her reported vocal frustration at his inability to learn his lines, I’d venture they may have been anti-depressants.

Producer David Parfitt (who was also involved with Sweet Liberty) adds his insightful revelations by saying they’d envisioned the Steel character as a bit like Burt Reynolds with some of his traits before they even thought of approaching him. And then there’s Andy Cadiff venturing his views on Reynolds’ self-depracting attitude about the peaks and troughs of his career and how he himself’s a big fan British film comedy. It has, he says, a subtlety that he loves. Clearly he kept his affections in check.

Copy picture Reviewed on: 07 May 2009
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A Hollywood agent tricks an ageing action star into appearing as King Lear in an amdram production.
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