52 Tuesdays

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Reviewed by: Jennie Kermode

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52 Tuesdays
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The multiple storylines in this film, together with the rarity of authentic portrayals of trans characters in cinema, mean it's a natural fit for the DVD market. It's available here with a great package of extras including a lengthy interview with director Sophie Hyde and young star Tilda Cobham-Hervey which goes into a lot of depth about the development of the story as well as looking at portrayals of Australian masculinity and the difficulties of plying a teenager going through formative experiences when one is in that position oneself. The Making Of feature is fairly slight but illustrates something of the pressure the crew felt on the last day of shooting (which was done only on Tuesdays for exactly a year), and, like the blooper reels which follows, shows how close the bond became between everyone working on the film.

In the other material that goes with the film, we get to find out more about some of the characters and Cobham-Hervey reveals the additional talent of being able to keep a hula-hoop spinning (for a while at least) with her arse.

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Also included on this disc is short film My Last Ten Hours With You, a bittersweet story f two lovers about to part, the desire for adventure pulling one away from the shared space which is beautiful and warm but domestic. It fits well with the themes of developing identity and self discovery explored in 52 Tuesdays and makes a good supporting feature choice; apart from the trailer (and accompanying trailers for other films) it's pretty much the only thing here that you can afford to watch before the main film without spoilers being an issue.

Altogether, there's about an hour's worth of extra material here, so plenty to enjoy alongside what is already a great film.

Reviewed on: 26 Sep 2015
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Over the course of a year, a teenage girl adjusts to life as a woman while her mother adjusts to life as a man.
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Product Code: B00JGQLHTW

Region: 2

Sound: surround sound or stereo

Extras: Interview with director and actor; making of: the last Tuesday; blooper reel; deleted scenes; short film (My Last Ten Hours With You); UK trailer; trailers for other films.

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