Blu-Ray Rating: *****

Reviewed by: Jennie Kermode

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Yen Tan's potent family drama arrives on dual play DVD/Blu-ray (the content is the same on both but prettier on the latter, the menu slightly clearer on the former) with a real treat in the form of his 2016 short, also called 1985, which captures a different episode in the life of the same central character. There are still far too few ways for members of the public to access short films and this one is well worth seeking out for its own sake, as well as adding depth to its feature-length namesake.

Also present is an audio commentary with Yen Tan and Hutch which goes into depth about technical choices in the film and the way the small team worked together to elicit those marvellous performances from the cast. Finally, there's the theatrical trailer - one of those you should definitely ave until after you've seen the film if possible, but a reminder of some of its most powerful moments.

Copy picture Reviewed on: 26 Jan 2019
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A closeted gay man spends Christmas with his strict Christian family.
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Extras: Audio commentary with Yen Tan and Hutch; short film 1985; UK theatrical trailer

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