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Reviewed by: Anton Bitel

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Like the film they accompany, these extras are minimal and to the point.

First up is an interview with writer/director Gela Babluani (19 minutes in French with optional English subtitles). With good humour, he contends that the film is "mainly about human nature", reflects on the violent chaos of life in his native Georgia during the post-Soviet 1990s, expresses his happiness that his "family is talented", reveals that the film took five and a half months to shoot (spread over a year and three months), explains what is brought to the film by his use of black and white ("[it] gives a surrealist feel, but at the same time everything feels real; there's no colour there to distract you"), and tells a lengthy anecdote about casting Vania Villiers.

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There is a second, shorter interview (six minutes in French with optional English subtitles) with Gela's younger brother George, who made his acting debut as the film's star. He talks of his complete trust in his brother as a director and of how on every single take he had to convince himself that the guns on set were really loaded. He has, he reveals, since acted in another film co-directed by his brother and their father.

Reviewed on: 31 Mar 2006
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