100 Bloody Acres

DVD Rating: ****

Reviewed by: Jennie Kermode

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100 Bloody Acres

Definitely a party film, 100 Bloody Acres will easily bear multiple viewings if you enjoy it the first time. It's presented here alongside the biggest collection of extras this reviewer has seen on a DVD for years, and though some of them are very short and the quality is variable, they're all worth watching.

Cast interviews are always a good complement to a character-driven film and here there are a host of them - even Reg the Dog, who plays mischievous canine Maigret, gets to say his bit, with the aid of speech bubbles. His audition reel also features in a wealth of making-of material that goes right back to the film's conception. Not all of this is narrated but it's informative nonetheless and it shows just how much effort has gone into telling this simple story, with some of the effects work sufficiently good that you might not spot it if you watch the film first.

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As well as the factual material, there's an in-character piece with the Morgan Brothers recording their radio ad, and no fewer than nine Morgan Brothers TV ads. That they become a bit overwhelming is partly what makes them funny, and there are hidden treats in the flashes of material we see at either side - what they have apparently been recorded over.

All in all, this is a fantastic package that really gives fans their money's worth.

Reviewed on: 07 Jul 2015
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Two enterprising brothers from the Australian boondocks launch a rickety business selling organic fertiliser - with a secret ingredient.

Product Code: B00YHQWPEM

Region: 2

Extras: Cast interviews; B-roll; SFX featurette; Production (extended roadie death scene; Morgan Brothers TV ads); Goof reel; Recording the radio ad; Camera Test Novermber 2011; Shed Scene Test Shoot 1; Reg's Big Discovery; Reg the Dog as "Maigret"; Mood Reel March 2011

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