Andrew Robertson

The first film I saw in the cinema was "Michael Jackson's Moonwalker", but I got better.

I like: Animation, books, comics, dice, esoteric research papers, film, gourmandry & games, history, ink, "jokes", kitchenalia, lego, movies, notebooks, obscurities, picturehouses (and parentheses), quests, references*, short film, tea, ultracrepidarianism, vexatiousness, words, algebra, yakking, and zymurgy.

Oh, and * footnotes.

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Latest Film Reviews

Castles In The Sky
The story of the Scottish engineer and developer of radar Robert Watson-Watt.
The House Of Magic
An abandoned kitten finds refuge in a magician's house that is filled with talking animals and animated objects
My Accomplice
Boy meets girl on a rail replacement bus.
Life After Beth
Beth dying makes life hard. Beth coming back makes it harder.
We Are Monster
Drama based on the tragic real-life case of an Asian teenager brutally murdered at a UK young offenders institution.
The Infinite Man
What would happen if you could rewrite the past - again?
A group of old friends gather for dinner... gather for dinner... gather for dinner...
Perfect Garden
A surreal and visceral journey into human desire.
Trouble lurks in an underground military research facility.
My Red Shoes
A family portrait set against the backdrop of the Iranian Revolution.


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News Stories

The Questioning takes top prize in Glasgow
16 Feb 2014
Short film festival closes with awards ceremony.

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