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The Czech Connection The Czech Connection
The Czech Connection and Toyen
The Czech Connection (Country: West Germany; Year: 1975; Director: Jan Němec; Writer: Jan Němec; Stars: Gene Moskowitz)
Short experimental film conceived by the director as a metaphor for his own death.
Showing with Martyrs Of Love
Diamonds Of The Night (Démanty noci ) (Country: Czechoslovakia; Year: 1964; Director: Jan Němec; Writer: Jan Němec, based on the short story by Arnost Lustig; Stars: Ladislav Jánsky, Antonín Kumbera, Ilse Bischofova, Ivan Asic, Jan Riha, August Bischof, Josef Koggel, Oskar Müller, Anton Schich, Rudolf Stolle, Josef Koblizek, Josef Kubat, Rudolf Lukásek, Bohumil Moudry, Karel Navratil)
Two boys run away from the certain death awaiting them at a Nazi concentration camp.
Showing with A Loaf Of Bread
Late Night Talks With Mother (Nocne rozmowy z matka) (Country: Czech Republic; Year: 2001; Director: Jan Němec; Writer: Jan Němec; Stars: Karel Roden, Václav Havel, Vera Jirousová, Ester Krumbachová, Marta Kubisová, Jan Nemec, Zuzana Stivínová)
Semi-autobiographical reflections based on Němec’s imaginary dialogue with his mother and inspired by Kafka’s A Letter to his Father.
Showing with Mother And Son
A Loaf Of Bread (Sousto) (Country: Czechoslovakia; Year: 1960; Director: Jan Němec; Writer: Arnost Lustig, Jan Nemec; Stars: Jan Bartusek, Oldrich Bláha, Ivan Renc)
Němec’s graduation film follows young prisoners trying to steal bread from a Nazi train before escaping.
Showing with Diamonds Of The Night
Martyrs Of Love (A szerelem mártírjai) (Country: Czechoslovakia; Year: 1967; Director: Jan Němec; Writer: Ester Krumbachová, Jan Němec; Stars: Lindsay Anderson, Alena Cepková, Jitka Cerhová, Denisa Dvoráková, Libor Fára, Karel Gott, Marta Kadlecíková, Ivana Karbanová, Jan Klusák, Josef Konícek, Petr Kopriva, Hana Kuberová, Marta Kubisová, Jirí Mucha, Vladimír Preclík)
Triptych of stories about love turned sour.
Showing with The Czech Connection
Diamonds Of The Night Diamonds Of The Night
Diamonds Of The Night and Late Night Talks With Mother
Mother And Son (Country: Czechoslovakia, West Germany, Netherlands; Year: 1967; Director: Jan Němec; Writer: Ester Krumbachová, Jan Nemec; Stars: Peter Straub, Carla de la Carança, Miroslav Dohnal, Eduard Hrubeš)
Short film about complicity and violence.
Showing with Late Night Talks With Mother
Oratorio For Prague (Oratorium pro Prahu) (Country: Czechoslovakia; Year: 1968; Director: Jan Němec; Stars: Gene Moskowitz)
What was originally intended as a testimony to the 1968 Prague Spring featuring peaceful demonstrations and vigils turned into a damning report on the military invasion when on 21 August Soviet tanks rolled into Prague crushing any hope of democracy.
Showing with The Unbearable Lightness Of Being
The Party and The Guests (O slavnosti a hostech, A Report On The Party And The Guests) (Country: Czechoslovakia; Year: 1966; Director: Jan Nemec; Writer: Ester Krumbachová, Ester Krumbachová, Jan Nemec; Stars: Ivan Vyskocil, Jan Klusák, Jiri Nemec, Pavel Bosek, Karel Mares, Evald Schorm, Jana Pracharová, Zdena Skvorecka, Milon Novotny, Helena Pejsková, Dana Nemcova, Antonin Prazak, Josef Skvorecký, Adolf Siroký, Václav Vodák)
Parable of power set on a day out to the country.
Toyen (Country: Czech Republic, France; Year: 2005; Director: Jan Němec; Writer: Tereza Brdecková, Jan Němec; Stars: Zuzana Stivínová, Jan Budar, Tobiás Jirous, Marek Bouda)
Portrait of the Czech surrealist.
The Unbearable Lightness Of Being (Country: US; Year: 1988; Director: Philip Kaufman; Writer: Milan Kundera, Jean-Claude Carrière, Philip Kaufman; Stars: Daniel Day-Lewis, Juliette Binoche, Lena Olin, Derek de Lint, Erland Josephson, Pavel Landovský, Donald Moffat, Daniel Olbrychski, Stellan Skarsgård, Tomasz Borkowy, Bruce Myers, Pavel Slabý, Pascale Kalensky, Jacques Ciron, Anne Lonnberg)
The life of a womaniser and his loves are changed forever after the Soviet Invasion of Prague.
Showing with Oratorio For Prague
The Wolf From Royal Vineyard Street (Vlk z Královských Vinohrad) (Country: Czech Republic, Slovak Republic, France; Year: 2016; Director: Jan Němec; Writer: Jan Nemec; Stars: Jirí Mádl, Karel Roden, Jirí Bartoska, David Bowles, Lucia Gajdosík, Markéta Janousková, Jirí Menzel, Gabriela Mícová, Ted Otis, Tatiana Pauhofová, Martin Pechlát, )
A comedic reinvention of the director's own own quasi-autobiographical short stories.

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