12 Hour Shift (2020)
Nurse Mandy is just trying to make it through her double shift alive, but her nasty drug addiction, annoying coworkers, needy patients, and devious cousin are making it pretty tough, not to mention organ-stealing criminals and an injured convict.
1 - Life On The Limit (2013)
Documentary charting the most glamorous – and dangerous years – of the Formula One motor racing championship.
Adrift (2018)
Young and in love and lost at sea after a hurricane has practically destroyed their boat Tami and Richard struggle to survive as they wait for rescue.
Adult Life Skills (2016)
Anna is stuck: she’s approaching 30, living in her mother’s shed, and spending her time making movies with her thumbs. Her mom wants her to move out; she just wants to be left alone.
America The Beautiful (2019)
After the 2016 election, a politically ambivalent marketing manager gets drawn into the orbit of a racist militia in San Bernardino.
Another Day Of Life (2018)
True story of a reporter who took a seemingly suicidal road trip into the heart of the civil war in Angola in the 70s.
As If I Am Not There (2010)
A schoolteacher suffers brutality at the hands of Serb soldiers during the Bosnian War.
Adrift (2006)
Six party-goers find themselves stranded in the ocean, unable to get back aboard their yacht. Out to own on DVD from December 26.
Afterlife (2003)
A man goes on a personal voyage of discovery with his Down Syndrome sister.
Aileen: The Life And Death Of A Serial Killer (2003)
Hard-hitting documentary about the serial killer.
Alone Across The Pacific (1963)
Film based on the true story of one man's attempt to sail single-handed across the Pacific.
Annie Leibovitz: Life Through A Lens (2006)
Documentary focusing on the American photographer.
An Episode In The Life Of An Iron Picker (2013)
Life becomes desperate for a scrap merchant when his pregnant wife needs medical help they can't afford.
An Unfinished Life (2005)
A woman moves in with her estranged father who is trying to come to terms with grief.
The Aviator's Wife (1981)
A Parisian love story, in which the young girl is ravishing and the boy slightly confused.
Beautiful Boy (2018)
A father tries to help his son break his cycle of drug addiction.
A Beautiful Day In The Neighborhood (2019)
A dramatisation of the real-life friendship between Fred Rogers and journalist Tom Junod.
A Beautiful Mind (2001)
True story with Russell Crowe as a schizophrenic mathematical genius who overcomes inner turmoil to complete Nobel prize-winning theory.
Beautiful Something Left Behind (2020)
New Jersey’s Good Grief counseling center offers a holistic approach to mourning. This film offers a child's perspective of grief.
Beautiful Things (2017)
A symphony of consumerism and waste, built while detailing the lives of four men.
The Best Thing You Can Do With Your Life (2018)
Why did the director’s brother enter a conservative Roman Catholic order, causing him to sever all ties with the outside world?
The Best Years Of A Life (2019)
A sequel, set decades later, to Un Homme Et Une Femme.
Bigger Than Life (1956)
Addiction to a wonder drug has mind-altering side-effects.
Biutiful (2009)
Barcelona's underworld as seen through the eyes of a hustling single dad.
Blood & Flesh: The Reel Life & Ghastly Death Of Al Adamson (2019)
A documentary about the uncommon life and unthinkable murder of the legendary no-budget exploitation filmmaker and the communities he inhabited in Seventies California.
Breakfast At Tiffany's (1961)
A writer falls for his mysterious socialite neighbour. Re-issue.
Beats Rhymes & Life: The Travels of A Tribe Called Quest (2011)
The story of the legendary hop hop act, from high school to superstardom and beyond.
Beautiful Boxer (2003)
True story about transgender kick boxer Nong Toom.
Beautiful Creatures (2000)
Pitch black comedy about an unlikely friendship.
Beautiful Kate (2009)
Drama sees old wounds reopened when a man returns home to his dying father.
Beautiful Losers (2008)
Generation Graffiti evolves from Nineties punk art to New York fame.
Been Rich All My Life (2006)
Chorus line dancers recall their past and celebrate their present.
A Better Life (2011)
A Mexican illegal immigrant father and his son strive to improve their lot.
A Bittersweet Life (2005)
A tale of revenge, infidelity and gangland warfare in South Korea.
The Book Of Life (2014)
A young man has to journey to the land of the dead and face his greatest fears.
The Book Of Life (1998)
Jesus and the Devil get together for drinks on the eve of a new century.
A Boy's Life (2002)
Documentary about a dysfunctional boy and his family in small town Mississippi.
A Bug's Life (1998)
An ant recruits a troupe of circus insects to save his colony from grasshoppers.
California Dreamin' (Endless) (2007)
A NATO transport train becomes detained at a rural station.
Carol Channing: Larger Than Life (2011)
Director Dori Berinstein captures the magic and vivacity of the ninetysomething showbiz icon.
California Solo (2012)
An ageing, faded Britpop star is forced to confront his past if he wants to avoid deportation from the US.
Californie (2021)
Jamila is an exuberant Moroccan girl with street smarts, who seems to have enormous potential to achieve great things - or else trigger mega-disasters. Californie follows her day in and day out from age 9 to 14, in the small town in southern Italy where she lives.
Cameraman: The Life And Work Of Jack Cardiff (2010)
Documentary about the work of the prolific cinema- tographer/ director. Read our with director Craig McCall.
Catch Me If You Can (2002)
True story of a boy who conned his way into being an airline pilot.
Certified Copy (2010)
When an art historian persuades a writer to accompany her on a drive through rural Tuscany, a strange game develops.
Certified Mail (2019)
A woman suffering depression has to cope with her baby alone after her husband is arrested.
Chained For Life (2018)
A starlet finds herself in unfamiliar territory when she appears in a film about disfigurement that features real disabled people.
Chiffon (2021)
Bijoli is serene until a mysterious visitor shows up in her small tailoring shop with a commission.
A Christmas Gift From Bob (2020)
James looks back at the last Christmas he and Bob spent scraping a living on the streets and how Bob helped him through it.
City Of Life And Death (2009)
Dramatisation of the Rape of Nanjing, seen from a dual perspective.
Clifford The Big Red Dog (2021)
A girl who is struggling to fit in finds a new best friend, but after the pup grows up he attracts the attention of a genetics company, forcing the pair to go on the run.
The Cook, The Thief, His Wife And Her Lover (1989)
Darkly comic horror about sex, murder and food.
Crazy/Beautiful (2001)
Poor little rich girl falls for serious-minded Mexican student from poor family.
Dan In Real Life (2007)
Widower Dan meets the girl of his dreams - but she's dating his brother.
David Lynch: The Art Life (2016)
Documentary about the American filmmaker.
David Attenborough: A Life On Our Planet (2020)
One man has seen more of the natural world than any other. This unique feature documentary is his witness statement.
Dead And Beautiful (2021)
A group of young billionaires who are always trying to surprise each other wake up after a strange ritual with fangs in their mouths and a body nearby.
Disappearance At Clifton Hill (2019)
When a troubled young woman returns to her hometown of Niagara Falls, the memory of a long-ago kidnapping quickly ensnares her.
Dreams of A Life (2011)
The intriguing story of a woman discovered in a London flat three years after her death.
The Drover’s Wife: The Legend Of Molly Johnson (2021)
A western thriller asking the question: how far would you go to protect your loved ones?
Dune Drifter (2020)
When a trainee pilot and her mortally wounded gunner are shot down, they crash land on a nearby planet. An enemy craft offers the chance of spare parts to fix her ship, but then she spots another survivor - an enemy alien soldier with no intention of letting her escape.
The Death And Life Of Charlie St Cloud (2010)
After the death of his little brother, Charlie is unable to let go, especially as his own near-death experience has forged a fresh link between them.
Demi-Tarif (2003)
Abandoned kids scam a life of shoplifting, scamming restaurants and eating junk.
Drifting Flowers (2008)
Exploring the many manifestations of lesbian love through the eyes of different generations of Taiwanese women.
Driftwood (2006)
Emotionally troubled teen, David Forrester, is sent to an attitude adjustment camp, where he discovers some dark secrets concerning murder and corruption.
Ed Byrne - Different Class (2009)
The stand-up comedian brings his acclaimed stage show to DVD.
Edge Of The Knife (2018)
When tragedy strikes in a small community, a man becomes a tormented soul in the woods.
Ernesto's Manifesto (2019)
A kind but naive man loses his job, his girlfriend and his home on the same day but his warmth and honesty set him on the road to unexpected good fortune.
Every Act Of Life (2017)
A portrait of four-time Tony-winning playwright Terrence McNally’s ground-breaking, six-decade career in the theatre, fight for LGBTQ rights, and triumph over addiction.
Exit Through The Gift Shop (2010)
A documentary about a French shopkeeper who tracked down the famous graffiti artist Banksy... or a very clever piece of performance art.
Elegy Of Life (2006)
A documentary about the famous musician Mstislav Rostropovich and his wife, Galina Vishnevskaya.
The Fast And The Furious: Tokyo Drift (2006)
Fast cars, hot women and intense camerawork - Japanese style.
The Fifth Element (1997)
A futuristic cabbie battles to save the world.
The Fifth Season (2012)
When the midwinter ritual goes awry, the seasons stop rotating, crops start failing, and a village begins to come apart at the seams.
The Fifth Story (2020)
Consideration of the impact of conflict on multiple generations of Iraqis.
Fifty Shades Of Grey (2015)
A student's life is irrevocably changed when she meets a tormented billionaire.
For The Record: There's Always Spotify (2020)
Ray and Angela have just broken up. They've just got one last thing to do: reunite one divvy up their prized record collection.
The Fifth Commandment (2008)
An assassin-for-hire finds his latest job cuts close to home.
Fifty Dead Men Walking (2008)
A man works his way up the ranks of the IRA... while informing for the British.
Fifty Shades Darker (2017)
Christian and Ana decide to rekindle their relationship, except this time there are no more rules or punishments.
The First Day Of The Rest Of Your Life (2008)
A multi-character view of one family as they deal with everything from bereavement to nicotine withdrawal.
Frankie Boyle: If I Could Reach Through Your TV And Strangle You, I Would (2010)
Frankie Boyle’s latest (and, he says, last) stand-up tour, filmed at the Hammersmith Apollo.
From The Life Of The Marionettes (1980)
Disturbing drama about a couple who cannot live together... or apart.
A Fuller Life (2013)
Tribute to maverick American filmmaker Samuel Fuller.
Genius Within: The Inner Life Of Glenn Gould (2009)
Portrait of the pianist as an unusual man.
Ghostbusters: Afterlife (2021)
After the death of Egon Spengler, his daughter and grandkids find themselves bustin' a whole new army of ghosts.
The Gilligan Manifesto (2018)
A documentary arguing that Gilligan's Island was intended to sell the idea of Marxism to Americans.
The Gift (2005)
A girl has an underwater adventure.
The Gift (2003)
The old man, the prostitute and the dog that dies.
The Gift (2015)
An old acquaintance bearing gifts brings suspicion and fear into the lives of a successful couple recently moved to California
The Gift (2000)
A psychic becomes involved in a small town murder mystery in the Deep South.
Gifted (2017)
Frank, a single man raising his child prodigy niece Mary, is drawn into a custody battle with his mother.
The Girl With All The Gifts (2016)
A scientist and a child make a bid for survival in a world of zombies.
Gonzo: The Life and Work of Dr. Hunter S. Thompson (2008)
A documentary tribute to the legendary creator of gonzo journalism.
A Good Wife (2016)
A woman begins to question her life after she is diagnosed with cancer.
The Greedy Tiffany (2015)
A rube named Pepa robs cottages for cash but the discovery of a strange video recording points him to a place where he’ll find a treasure of immense value... little realising there is a plan for those who turn up looking for it.
The Happiest Days Of Your Life (1950)
A mix-up at the Ministry sees a respectable girls' school evacuated to the all-male Nutbourne College, much to the horror of their respective headteachers.
The Happiest Day In The Life Of Olli Mäki (2016)
Finland, 1962. Boxer Olli Mäki is 26 years old and in love. Expected to win a bout against an American, but he would rather be with his girlfriend than train.
Hell In The Pacific (1968)
Two soldiers on opposite sides bury differences and work together to escape desert island.
A Hidden Life (2019)
The Austrian Franz Jägerstätter, a conscientious objector, refuses to fight for the Nazis in World War II.
The Hidden Life Of Trees (2020)
The forester and bestselling author Peter Wohlleben opens our eyes to the hidden world of the woods.
High Heels And Lowlifes (2001)
A nurse and an actress attempt to blackmail a gang of ruthless bank robbers in London.
High Life (2008)
Drug-addicted petty criminals try to pull off a major heist.
The Hitman's Wife's Bodyguard (2021)
A bodyguard and two assassins team up to stop the destruction of Europe.
Homelife:Flying Wonders (2003)
The ballad sings of "Walking the wire" and the animation has a Fifties look.
How To Cook Your Life (2007)
A Zen Buddhist chef talks about his philosophy of cooking and how his approach to the kitchen has transformed his approach to life.
Identification Of A Woman (1982)
The casual manipulations of a serial philanderer.
If.... (1968)
Anarchy in the sixth form.
If I Stay (2014)
A teenager faces the choice between life and death.
If I Want To Whistle, I Whistle (2010)
Drama about misguided youth and juvenile delinquency.
If Nothing Else Works Out (2008)
The lives of a group of friends living life on the edge in frenetic São Paulo.
If Not Us, Who? (2011)
A fictional take on the story of Gudrun Ensslin and Bernward Vesper in the run-up to the formation of the Baader Meinhof gang.
If Only (1998)
A cheating lover gets a second chance with his partner after meeting a magical barmaid.
If Anything Happens I Love You (2020)
In the aftermath of tragedy, two grieving parents journey through an emotional void as they mourn the loss of a child.
If Beale Street Could Talk (2018)
A pregnant woman tries to prove her lover's innocence.
If The Dancer Dances (2018)
A documentary following a group of New York City's top modern dancers as they reconstruct an iconic and mysterious work by the legendary Merce Cunningham, revealing what it takes to keep a dance alive.
If We Dead Awaken (2012)
A former KGB agent seeks out the ballerina he loved, but he cannot escape the past.
Into The Abyss: A Tale Of Death, A Tale Of Life (2011)
Werner Herzog's powerful exploration of violence and its consequences, told through Death Row inmates and others close to their crimes.
It's A Wonderful Life (1946)
Christmas classic about a disheartened businessman who is helped by an angel.
It's My Life (1962)
A woman drifts into prostitution after the break-up of her relationship.
I Got Life! (2017)
A woman embraces a new phase in her life.
Institute Benjamenta, Or This Dream People Call Human Life (1995)
Enigmatic story of a man who enrolls at an institute to learn to be a servant.
In Prison My Whole Life (2007)
Documentary about questions that hang over the conviction of Death Row inmate Mumia Abu-Jamal.
It's A Casual Life (2003)
A footy hooligan reveals his motivations.
It's A Wonderful Afterlife (2010)
A middle class suburban widow would kill to see her daughter married - literally!
It's Not The Time Of My Life (2016)
Family tensions rise after an unexpected visit.
It's Such A Beautiful Day (2012)
Bill struggles to piece his life together.
I Have Never Forgotten You - The Life And Legacy Of Simon Wiesenthal (2007)
A documentary about famous Nazi-hunter Simon Wiesenthal.
I Killed My Lesbian Wife, Hung Her On A Meathook, And Now I Have A Three-Picture Deal With Disney (1993)
Fiction and reality overlap for a film director who is losing his grip.
Jennifer's Body (2009)
A provocative cheerleader becomes possessed by a demon and starts killing her male classmates.
Jakob's Wife (2021)
The disappearance of a young woman threatens to change the beige and banal lives of Anne Fedder and her pastor husband Jakob Fedder forever.
Jean-François And The Meaning Of Life (2018)
A 12-year-old existentialist kid runs away from home to meet his favourite philosopher, Albert Camus, not knowing he has been dead for 50 years. On his way he finds love and rejection for the first time in his life.
Jonathan Agassi Saved My Life (2018)
Behind the scenes with Israeli global gay-porn sensation and self-admitted mama’s boy Jonathan Agassi during his first eight years in the business.
Kiss Of Life (2003)
An aid worker makes arduous trip out of Bosnia to be with long-suffering wife.
Killed My Wife (2019)
A man wakes up from a drunken stupor to be told that his estranged wife has been murdered. He tries to dodge the cops, recover his memories and solve the crime while aware that he could actually have killed her.
Knife + Heart (2018)
Paris, Summer 1979. Anne produces third-rate gay porn. After her editor and lover Lois leaves her, she tries to win her back by shooting her most ambitious film yet with her trusted, flaming sidekick Archibald... then one of her actors is brutally murdered.
Knife Point (2008)
An evangelical family offers a traveling knife salesman a ride on their way through upstate New York.
Knife Skills (2017)
What does it take to build a world-class French restaurant? What if the staff is almost entirely men and women just out of prison?
Last Life In The Universe (2003)
A failed Japanese suicide makes friends with a neurotic, spoilt Thai girl in Bangkok.
Law And Order: The Fifth Year (1994)
Chris Noth's last series in the fifth outing of what will become the longest running TV drama
Life (2015)
An ambitious young photographer takes pictures of an unknown actor in the hope of selling them to Life magazine. The actor's name is James Dean.
Life (1999)
Comic complications for cons who get life for a murder they didn't commit.
The Lifeguard (2011)
A documentary which begins as a quirky character study of lifeguards and beachgoers, but becomes something altogether darker and more shocking when events take a dramatic turn.
Lifelike (2005)
Lifting the lid - and the fur - on the taxidermist's art.
Lifestyle (2014)
In modern society, death is a scandal. We live in a time when various lifestyle images determine our ideals and our actions.
Life's A Beach (2014)
A documentary about a man campaigning for the right to keep living in the home he built from driftwood on Folkestone Beach.
Lifetime Guarantee: Phranc's Adventures in Plastic (2001)
Documentary about a Jewish lesbian folk singer who switches career to sell Tupperware.
Life, Above All (2010)
A 12-year-old girl struggles to protect her family as her stepfather descends into alcoholism and her mother becomes increasingly ill, in a small town full of prejudice and hostility.
Life After Beth (2014)
Beth dying makes life hard. Beth coming back makes it harder.
The Life And Adventures Of Nicholas Nickleby (1947)
A teacher on his uppers absconds from a workhouse with a persecuted child.
The Life And Adventures Of Nicholas Nickleby (1982)
Stage adaptation of the Dickens classic.
The Life And Death Of Peter Sellers (2004)
Critical biopic of The Goon Show master-of-voices who became a Hollywood movie star.
Life And Lyrics (2006)
As hip hop MCs battle for supremacy in London, a couple from rival gangs fall in love.
Life, Animated (2015)
The story of an autistic man who was able to reconnect with his family via Disney films.
Life As We Know It (2010)
Two mismatched adults are called upon to care for a baby girl after her parents, their best friends, are killed.
Life Doesn't Scare Me (1999)
Four girls come of age in a movie about love, sex and friendship.
Life In A Day (2011)
Clips of real life from all around the world as experienced on the 24th of July 2010.
Life In A Fishbowl (2014)
Three different lives interweave to tell the story of the impact of Iceland's economic collapse.
Life In Movement (2011)
A look back at the career of a talented dancer and choreographer tragically killed at the age of just 29.
Life Is Sacred (2014)
Antanas Mockus, the former Mayor of Bogota, challenges the normal violent political practice by running an unusually positive campaign in Colombia's 2010 presidential elections.
The Life I Want (2004)
Troubled romance between stars on an Italian film set.
Life Just Is (2012)
Love, death and the meaning of life figure among the preoccupations of a group of uni graduates in London.
The Life Of David Gale (2003)
Kevin Spacey tells his story to Kate Winslet four days before being executed for murder.
Life Of Oharu (1952)
A privileged woman struggles to survive in a strictly hierarchical society, and is unable to prevent her life from spiralling downwards.
Life Of Riley (2014)
A group of close friends discover that one of them only has a few months to live.
Life On Mars (2006)
A police detective in 2006 finds himself in Manchester in 1973.
Life On Mars: The Complete Second Series (2007)
At last a conclusion for the injured DI in a coma who lives and works in a politically incorrect police station 30 years in the past.
Life On Mars US: Season One (2008)
US version of the retro UK cop show about a copper stranded in the past.
Life Track (2007)
A disabled man allows a mute girl into his private space.
Lift (2002)
Man suffers phone difficulties in lift.
Lift To The Scaffold (1958)
Moreau's first lead role about an unfaithful wife who finds nothing but trouble after a fling with her lover.
Laila In Haifa (2020)
The interwoven stories of five women are told over the course of a fateful night in a Haifa club.
Lara Croft Tomb Raider: The Cradle Of Life (2003)
Action sequel sees adventurer Croft on a quest to save Pandora's Box.
Larger Than Life: The Kevyn Aucoin Story (2017)
An intimate look at the make-up artist.
Learning To Skateboard In A Warzone (If You're A Girl) (2019)
The story of young Afghan girls learning to read, write - and skateboard - in Kabul.
Lifeboat (2018)
Documentary about volunteers aiming to save refugees in the Mediterranean.
Lifeboat (2018)
A Danish couple face emotional and moral dilemmas after picking up a Lebanese refugee while on a romantic sailing holiday.
Lifechanger (2018)
A man with an unusual talent tries to get back to the woman he once lived with, who has no idea what he is.
Life After Flash (2017)
A look at the life of Sam J Jones, who played Flash Gordon in the 1980 version of the fantasy classic.
The Life Ahead (2020)
In a seaside town, a Holocaust survivor with a daycare business takes in a 12-year-old street kid who recently robbed her.
Life Ain't Gonna Lose (2018)
A child learns to cope with being allergic to eggs.
Life And Nothing But (1989)
Humanity and bureaucracy clash as the debris of war is sifted and reconstituted.
Life And Nothing More (2017)
Story of a single mother and her two children trying to make ends meet in Florida.
The Life Aquatic (2004)
An ageing oceanographer gathers a crew to hunt a shark that killed his partner.
Life Is Beautiful (1998)
A man treats a concentration camp as a game to protect his son.
A Life Less Ordinary (1997)
A sacked caretaker takes his bosses daughter hostage... but two fallen angels are determined to make the pair fall in love.
Life Of Brian (1979)
Inadvertently mistaken for Jesus at his birth, the innocent Brian is doomed to a lifetime of misunderstandings.
Life Of Pi (2012)
After a shipwreck, a boy finds himself adrift with an animal menagerie.
Life Outside Of Pearl (2007)
A snapshot of life in a Haitian immigrant community in America.
Life Overtakes Me (2019)
In the grip of trauma, hundreds of refugee children in Sweden withdraw from life's uncertainties into a coma-like illness called Resignation Syndrome.
Life: Untitled (2020)
A closed-room drama about the hardships and resilience of a group of young women working in the escort industry.
Life Without Principle (2011)
To narrates the intertwining fates of three people desperate to get their hands on money fast, all set around a robbery haul.
The Lift (1983)
A lift technician finds himself drawn into a web of mystery and peril as he investigates the perplexing deadly accidents occurring in the elevators of a new office building.
Lift Like A Girl (2020)
In a dilapidated corner of Alexandria, an exceptional community of young female weightlifters is trained by the grumpy yet charismatic Captain Ramadan.
Looking For Life (2019)
Documentary about two Haitian migrants who become stranded at the US-Mexico border, with no way forward.
Luciferina (2018)
Natalia is a 19-year-old novice who reluctantly returns home to say goodbye to her dying father. However, when she meets up with her sister and her friends, she decides instead to travel the jungle and explore the spiritual world through ayahuasca.
Luzifer (2021)
Johannes, a man with the heart of a child, lives secluded in an Alpine hut with his mother. Daily life is governed by prayer and rituals but a tourist development threatens to poison their paradise.
Lost And Beautiful (2015)
Documentary and fiction blend in a tale of ancient palaces, devoted shepherds and a young calf contemplating his fate.
Lost For Life (2013)
A documentary about people who were sentenced to life without parole by the US court system for crimes they committed as teenagers.
LT22: Radio La Colifata (2007)
Documentary about a radio show produced by patients at a Buenos Aires psychiatric hospital.
Lymelife (2008)
Set in the 1970s, a unique take on the dangers of the American dream seen through the innocent eyes of a 15-year-old boy.
Magician: The Astonishing Life And Work Of Orson Welles (2014)
Documentary tracking the director and actor.
A Magnificent Haunting (2012)
A would-be actor finds his new home haunted by the ghosts of actors past, but sometimes reality is stranger than fiction.
Married Life (2007)
How do you avoid humiliating you wife with a divorce? Kill her.
The Midwife (2017)
A midwife's life is shaken up by the arrival of her father's old flame.
Mishima: A Life In Four Chapters (1985)
The controversial life and shocking death of one of Japan's most famous authors.
The Magnificent Seven (2016)
Seven gunmen team up to help save a village from an evil mining boss.
MakeSHIFT (2020)
Documentary film by WP Engine exploring the art and science behind the advertising industry's 20+ year evolution.
A Matter Of Life And Death (1946)
A wartime aviator begs a celestial court to let him escape death so he can be with the woman he loves. Out on re-issue in cinemas.
Mifune (1999)
A man who has lied about his family has to come clean when his father dies.
Modern Life Is Rubbish (2017)
Rom-com sees a couple whose relationship is on the rocks who find a shared love of music makes breaking up hard to do.
Monty Python's The Meaning Of Life (1983)
A sketch show on film from the makers of Life Of Brian.
The Most Beautiful Boy In The World (2021)
Swedish actor/musician Björn Andresen's life was forever changed at the age of 15, when he played Tadzio, the object of Dirk Bogarde's obsession in Death in Venice – a role which led Italian maestro Luchino Visconti to dub him "the world's most beautiful boy".
The Most Beautiful Couple (2018)
On holiday in Mallorca, Liv and Malte are attacked by three young men. Liv is raped and Malte is powerless to help her. They try to move on and rebuild their lives back in Germany but Malte cannot forgive himself. Then, one night in Cologne, he spots the guilty young man.
My Beautiful Laundrette (1985)
A young Asian man and his white boyfriend try to save a struggling laundromat in Thatcher's Britain.
My Deadly, Beautiful City (2016)
The arctic mining city of Norilsk is one of the most polluted in the world - but many residents are still proud to call it home.
My Life As A Dog (1985)
A 10-year-old Swedish boy is evacuated into the country with his dog.
My Life So Far (1999)
Family life on a posh rural estate after the First World War.
Morris: A Life With Bells On (2009)
Morris dancing mockumentary.
Mrs Ratcliffe's Revolution (2007)
In 1968, an idealistic schoolteacher moves his family to East Germany in order to experience life in a Communist paradise. But his family, especially his wife, are not so eager.
My Afghanistan - Life in the Forbidden Zone (2012)
Nagieb Khaja, a Danish journalist of Afghan origin, gives people living in outlying communities in Helmand province mobile phones equipped with cameras and asks them to film their daily lives.
My Life As A Bus Stop (2007)
Five friends attempt to make a movie together, but they each have very different ideas about what they want.
My Life As A Courgette (2016)
Stop-motion story of a boy, who is sent to a group home for orphans after the death of his mum.
My Life Inside (2007)
Documentarian tracks an illegal Mexican immigrant as she is tried for murder.
My Life Without Me (2003)
Young mother dying of cancer plans for life after her death.
My Nikifor (2004)
Biopic of the legendary naive painter Nikifor Krynicki.
New Life (2002)
Exploitative, misogynistic film about men treating women as dogs.
Nightlife (2016)
The lives of a wealthy married couple radically change in an instant. While the husband is in critical condition after an accident that occurred under strange circumstances, the wife tries to understand the situation and to salvage what she can.
Night Shift (2000)
Would you be friends with this guy?
Night Shift (2011)
A documentary about a woman who uses a double decker bus to help sex workers on the streets of Glasgow.
The Nightshifter (2018)
A morgue worker is used to hearing the voices of the dead but when one day he decides to use the secrets they tell him for his own ends, he brings down a terrible curse upon his family.
Nobody's Life (2002)
Flying by deceit of his pants.
The Odd Life Of Timothy Green (2012)
A magical little boy changes the lives of a childless couple and the community they live in.
Once In A Lifetime (2006)
Documentary outlining the rise and fall of the New York Cosmos soccer team.
One Day In The Life Of Andrei Arsenevich (1999)
Documentary about director Andrei Tarkovsky.
One Life Stand (2000)
Life is tough for a single mum in a Glasgow tenement.
Only Fools And Horses: If They Could See Us Now (2001)
The Trotters lose their millions on South American stocks and return to the old life in Peckham
Oliver Sacks: His Own Life (2019)
Documentary about the life of the neurologist.
Pacific Rim (2013)
Men operating giant robot suits are the last line of defence against sea monsters from another dimension.
The Pacifier (2005)
A Navy Seal is hired to protect a family from their recently deceased father, whose top-secret government experiment remains hidden in their house.
Patti Smith: Dream Of Life (2008)
Intimate portrait of the icon.
Pacific Rim: Uprising (2018)
Kaiju return to threaten human civilisation, and once again only giant robots can stop them.
Pond Life (2018)
A giant carp is said to inhabit a pond outside Doncaster, inspiring its own Loch Ness Monster-style legend. One night, Trevor (Tom Varey) assembles friends, families and neighbours to embark on a fishing expedition that they will never forget.
Proof Of Life (2000)
An Aussie negotiator tries to broker the release of a kidnapped engineer.
The Purifiers (2004)
Futuristic gang war chopsocky Scottish vigilante action packer.
Queer Fear: Gay Life, Gay Death In Iraq (2007)
A documentary looking at the persecution of lgbt people in post-war Iraq.
A Real Life (2009)
A chance meeting following a car crash plunges a young woman into an unfamiliar criminal underworld.
Red Trousers: The Life of the Hong Kong Stuntmen (2003)
Tribute to Hong Kong stunt performers and the Peking/Beijing Opera tradition
A Riff for Lazaro (2007)
A young trumpet player searches for the mouthpiece which brought his long lost father fame.
The Rift: Dark Side Of The Moon (2016)
A team of American and Serbian agents are sent to retrieve remains of a downed satellite. But when they locate the site, all is not as it seems.
Red Cliff (2008)
The story of an ancient Chinese battle in which a ragtag southern alliance tried to hold out against a powerful warlord from the north.
The Return: Life After ISIS
A documentary about women who left their countries to join ISIS and their fight for repatriation.
Roy’s World: Barry Gifford’s Chicago (2019)
A documentary that brings to life Barry Gifford’s autobiographical collection The Roy Stories, capturing a childhood in a vanished 1950s Chicago through a jazzy, impressionistic combination of beguiling archive footage, animation and spoken word.
School Life (2016)
Life at a boarding school, where the teachers' careers are drawing to a close.
The Secret Life Of Walter Mitty (2013)
A sad little man who dreams of heroic derring-do goes on a real life adventure in cold countries
The Secret Life Of Words (2005)
A friendship evolves between a volunteer nurse on an oil rig and a burn victim.
Sources Of Life (2013)
The destinies of three generations confront German history from the postwar era up until the 1980s.
Speaking Is Difficult (2016)
Documenting mass shootings in the US.
Spring Of Life (2000)
The story of the Nazi's dream of creating a 'master race' of Aryans.
Sacrifice (2021)
After the death of his mother, Isaac and his pregnant wife Emma return to the remote Norwegian island of his birth to deal with an unexpected inheritance.
The Sacrifice (1986)
Faced with the destruction of everything he loves, a father offers himself to God as a sacrifice in its stead.
The Salt Of Life (2011)
A pensioner who had settled into a quiet life decides it's not too late to go looking for love.
The Secret Life Of Bees (2008)
A young girl, escaping from her tyrannical father in Civil Rights era South Carolina, finds a very different surrogate family.
A Serial Killer's Guide To Life (2019)
A frustrated thirtysomething woman stuck in a small seaside town meets a charismatic life coach who promises to transform her world with alternative therapy - and who is also a serial killer.
The Shift (2020)
An agency worker gets bad news while she's shopping.
Shifter (2020)
A young woman experiences painful and gruesome side effects after an experiment with time travel goes wrong.
Shifty (2008)
Twenty-four hours in the life of a Muslim crack dealer and a friend from his past.
Shoplifters (2018)
A family of small-time crooks take in a child they find on the street.
A Simple Life (2011)
An existential drama about how two people’s relationship survives after one of them has a stroke.
Six Feet Under: The Complete Fifth Series (2005)
Last look at the body of a hugely successful TV series before burial.
A Slice Of Life (2006)
A builder finds a strange creature in the wall of a house.
Spindrift (2016)
A young girl living by the shore faces choices after encountering an eagle and someone new.
Stiff Upper Lips (1997)
Satirical sideswipe at Merchant Ivory dramas.
Still Life (2013)
A council worker looks for the next of kin of those found dead and alone.
Still Life (2006)
Parallel stories of the search for lost love set against the backdrop of the Three Gorges Dam Project.
Such Is Life (2017)
A short film about a hillwalking first date and other bad decisions.
Surviving Life (2010)
Eugene prefers a life of dreams to everyday reality in surrealist animator Jan Švankmajer's extension of one of his own dreams.
This Sporting Life (1963)
A Rugby League player embarks on a doomed affair with his landlady.
The Time Traveller's Wife (2009)
A woman falls in love with a man who spontaneously travels in time.
Tokyo Drifter (2011)
A man wanders the streets of Tokyo by night, singing to indifferent people.
To Life (2014)
Loosely based on the story of the director's mother who, years after being in Auschwitz decided to track down two women she had befriended in the camp.
To See if I’m Smiling (2007)
Candid revelations about things seen and done in the Israeli military.
Trilogy 3: After Life (2002)
Final part in the trilogy about a Grenoble detective and an escaped con.
The Trip To Bountiful (1985)
A sassy lady from Houston takes a bus ride back to her old home town, with surprising results.
The Third Wife (2018)
The story of a 14-year-old who becomes the third wife of a much older man in 19th Century Vietnam.
This Magnificent Cake! (2018)
A five-part anthology featuring a troubled king, a failed businessman and an army deserter in stories that reflect the cruelty of 19th Century colonialism, told using stop-motion puppets.
The Tree Of Life (2011)
The loss of a son and brother leads to a journey back through memory and the past in search of answers.
Uniform (2003)
By impersonating a police officer, a young man starts to lead a double life.
The Upsetter: The Life Of Lee Scratch Perry (2008)
Documentary focussing on the Jamaican music producer.
Voyage Of Time: Life's Journey (2016)
An exploration of the universe and humanity's place within it.
Waking Life (2001)
Rotoscope hero attempts to divine the meaning of life through his dreams.
A Way Of Life (2004)
A heartbreaking slice of teenage confusion in Wales.
What If (2013)
Can friends be lovers? Is Toronto a better venue for romance than New York? What would Harry Potter do?
Which Way Is The Front Line from Here? The Life And Time Of Tim Hetherington (2013)
Tribute to the photojournalist and documentarian who was killed in Libya in 2011.
Wild Life (2014)
A father tries to raise his two sons away from civilisation.
The Woman In The Fifth (2011)
While in Paris an academic meets a woman who may be involved in a series of mysterious murders.
The Wife (2017)
A wife questions her life choices as she travels to Stockholm, where her husband is to receive an award.
Wildlife (2018)
A portrait of a family in crisis.
Young & Beautiful (2013)
Portrait of a 17-year-old, who sells her body for cash.
Yeh Freedom Life (2019)
Documentary following the difficulties faced by women in lesbian relationships in India.
Z Channel: A Magnificent Obsession (2004)
Documentary about the ground-breaking TV channel.

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