Bride Of Violence (2018)
A young Christian couple who are about to be married are terrorised by an escaped convict in a remote wilderness.
The Big Something (2011)
When his boss dies mysteriously and the police write it off as suicide, a record store clerk becomes determined to find out the truth.
Blood Country (2017)
A true story of murder, injustice and disorder in Mississippi following the US Civil War.
Cornbread Cosa Nostra (2018)
A young FBI agent returns to his hometown intending to bring down the Dixie mafia.
Durant's Never Closes (2016)
A biopic of bar owner Jack Durant.
The Men Who Robbed The Bank (2013)
Five bank robbers wait in an empty house for the woman who is supposed to be bringing them their laundered money.
Porches And Private Eyes (2016)
Three women become suspicious after a local man goes missing. Dismissed by the local sheriff, they decide to switch gossip for action.
Silver Slipper (2019)
Over the course of the summer after her graduation, a young woman decides to auction off her virginity on a website.
Son Of A Gun (2019)
An exploration of the legend that a woman was impregnated by a bullet during the US Civil War.

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