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Examining the everyday inner workings of a mundane workplace did wonders for Kevin Smith with Clerks. However, despite a few borderline interesting 'insights' and some obvious parallels (see the not-even-thinly-veiled Jay and Silent Bob characters) first-time writer/director Rob McKittrick falls way short of Smith's still-high benchmark in this film.

During a shift at Shenanigan'z Bar & Grill, the staff get up to their usual antics to pass the time. Cynical womaniser Monty (Ryan Reynolds) looks after new-start Mitch (Francis Daley) while trying to bed the underage hostess (Vanessa Lengies) and the waitresses (Anna Faris, Kaitlin Doubleday, Alanna Ubach), and trying to persuade Calvin (Rob Benedict) that he's too nice. Cook Raddimus (Luis Guzmán) competes at the 'penis showing' game. Meanwhile, directionless twentysomething Dean (Justin Long) contemplates what to do with his life after being offered an unwanted promotion...

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With copious genitalia shots and some truly disgusting behind-the-scenes food-ruining, there's just too much vulgarity. The real problem, though, is that unlike the best movies that exude crudeness from every profanity-spewing pore (There’s Something About Mary), there's just no heart or story to accompany all the toilet humour. Long's what-do-I-do-with-my-life? arc is easily the most thoughtful and interesting, but annoyingly it's marginalised so we can spend more time watching pubic hairs.

Inevitably, the rest of the gang emerge as either largely unlikeable or broad caricatures. Only Reynolds and Smart manage to be any sort of memorable - the former because of his charismatic comedic timing, the latter because of her undervalued acting chops. As for Guzmán, he isn't waiting, he's wasted.

Though rarely subtle and frequently too obvious, Waiting... ironically still passes the time well enough. Still, McKittrick needs to invent a penis-showing game of his own.

Reviewed on: 17 Oct 2009
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Low grade genitalia humour in a restaurant kitchen.
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