The Story Of The Weeping Camel

The Story Of The Weeping Camel


Reviewed by: David Haviland

In the Gobi desert, a family of herders face a crisis when one their camels refuses to nurse its calf.

The calf's cries are unbearable and without its mother's milk it will die, so they arrange a traditional music ritual to reunite the pair.

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This is a charming and unusual film, creating a fictional drama from mostly documentary footage.

However, despite some moving scenes, there's really only enough material for a short. As a result, the film feels very slow.

Reviewed on: 09 Jul 2004
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The harsh, romantic lives of men and animals in the Gobi desert.
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Scott Macdonald ***

Director: Byambasuren Davaa, Luigi Falorni

Writer: Byambasuren Davaa, Luigi Falorni

Starring: Janchiv Ayurzana, Chimed Ohin, Amgaabazar Gonson, Zeveljamz Nyam, Ikhbayar Amgaabazar, Odgerel Ayusch

Year: 2003

Runtime: 90 minutes

BBFC: PG - Parental Guidance

Country: Germany/Mongolia


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