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Someone Else


Reviewed by: Chris

There's a saying, when you are in a relationship, it is still okay to 'look at the scenery'. There is perhaps an irresistible human urge, especially in the male who is genetically programmed to sow his oats as widely as possible, at least to consider how green the grass might be when it is just out of reach. But if that sounds like an apologia to male chauvinism, Someone Else is every girl's dream for the warning shot to make him count his blessings. British romantic comedy with a hard edge, Someone Else is a remarkable example of what fine talent can do on a tiny budget.

Dave and Lisa have been in a relationship for nearly three years. Over dinner, their two married friends tease them about tying the knot and Dave is visibly less comfortable than is Lisa. He and Nina have been having an affair and, when pushed, Dave decides to own up to Lisa and tell her he is love with someone else. Although Lisa is furious, Dave is even less prepared for Nina's reaction. She is everything his girlfriend isn't - did he expect any less?

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What makes Someone Else stand out is the unsettling realism of the characters and a script that sounds spontaneous and natural. Dave's plight is guaranteed to make every man in the audience feel sheepishly uncomfortable, and there are no reassuringly sentimental story lines. The ensemble cast of attractive young 30-somethings is frighteningly unlike the stock caricatures of romantic comedy and, as Dave's confidence and charm desert him, the film is a challenging broadside to the male psyche. It marks the debut of director and scriptwriter Col Spector - a debut he handles with considerable aplomb. It also manages to take a cynical look at Reiki healing, swinging, and dating agencies - though not without reversing many of our assumptions in the light of later developments. " 'I like any sort of music'... " reads David from a girl's dating profile, "she's got one album, 'The Best of Music.' " This beautiful bittersweet comedy is unafraid to tackle taboos and is unrelenting in its exposure of men's hidden thoughts. It keeps us on our toes as we are never quite sure of the direction it is going in. Perhaps the biggest disappointment with Someone Else is that it never quite makes the lasting impact that it so deserves.

Reviewed on: 11 Sep 2007
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A young man struggles to do the right thing after falling in love with someone other than his girlfriend.
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Scott Macdonald ***

Director: Col Spector

Writer: Radha Chakraborty, Col Spector

Starring: Stephen Mangan, Susan Lynch, Lara Belmont, Christopher Coghill, Shaun Dingwall, John Henshaw

Year: 2006

Runtime: 78 minutes

BBFC: 15 - Age Restricted

Country: UK


Glasgow 2007
EIFF 2006

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