No Sleep Won't Kill You

No Sleep Won't Kill You


Reviewed by: Andrew Robertson

Stop frames of posters on a wall, a public building become a gigantic static zöetrope, the camera whirling around it. An imaginary friend? A sexpot, all 1920s slick hair and shining clothes, carrying a message - a message for our narrator. Is he the minotaur, the rhino-headed boxer? As is often the case with animated shorts, more would be nice, but No Sleep Won't Kill You feels complete, even if its start is implied and its end...

We see photographs of graffiti, interrupted drawings, hear a plucked string, a trumpet, the strut of that glossy glamour girl. Speed limit signs escalate and still there is no sleep. At the end we'll see a hand-cranked flip-book wheel, a grindstone animated, before that its output, a dizzying whirl of crisply drawn black and white, black and white on walls and along and in front of us and somewhere.

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Creatures duel, words flash, the music of Jessica Lourie and Abraham Gomez-Delgado swirls as the images crisply step step step in front of us. Marko Meštrovïc? has produced a hallucinatory little film, and it's worth keeping your eyes open for.

Reviewed on: 27 Jun 2010
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Haunted by strange dream figures since childhood, an isolated man undertakes a dangerous experiment, sleeping less and less, with unexpected results.
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Jennie Kermode ****

Director: Marko Meštrovic

Year: 2010

Runtime: 9 minutes

Country: Croatia


EIFF 2010

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