Tallinn Film Festival: Days Six and Seven
by Anton Bitel
Lonesome Collectors, Cursed Seat, The Pact, The Fall Of The American Empire
Tallinn Film Festival: Day Five
by Anton Bitel
The Wild Fields, Foam At The Mouth, Fire Lily and Keep An Eye Out
Tallinn Film Festival: Day Four
by Anton Bitel
Slam and Potential Victim
Tallinn Film Festival: Day Three
by Anton Bitel
As I Fall and Happiness Is A Warm Gun
Tallinn Film Festival: Day Two
by Anton Bitel
Lorik, Erased, Deep Rivers and The World Is Yours
Tallinn Film Festival: Day One
by Anton Bitel
Capsule reviews of Between Covers and Yung
Undistributed gems
by Amber Wilkinson, Anton Bitel, Rebecca Naughten, Michael Pattison, Andrew Robertson
The Eye For Film team pick some of their favourite films from the the festival circuit that have yet to find a UK distributor.
Colours of fear
by Anton Bitel
Filmmaker Simon Rumley discusses his eliptical and elusive horror Red White & Blue
Making a killing
by Anton Bitel
Ben Wheatley talks about his second feature Kill List.
Srdjan Spasojevic (uncensored)
by Anton Bitel
The director of A Serbian Film talks about his controversial movie and the BBFC cuts.
Surviving the Film4 FrightFest 2010
by Anton Bitel
Tips and recommendations for London's annual horror extravaganza
Top 50
by Jennie Kermode, Amber Wilkinson, Scott Macdonald, Anton Bitel, Andrew Robertson, George Williamson, Severine, James Benefield, James Gracey, Val Kermode, Steve Harwood, Max Crawford
Eye For Film's pick of the best films of the last decade.
Breathing life into Avatar
by Anton Bitel
James Cameron, Sam Worthington, Sigourney Weaver and Zoƫ Saldana talk about the making of Cameron's 3D epic.
Horror all-nighter a Halloween treat
by Anton Bitel
FrightFest showcase a hauntingly good combination.
A frightfully good mix
by Anton Bitel
All the gory details of how FrightFest celebrated its 10th year in style.
FrightFest makes history
by Anton Bitel
As the festival reaches its 10th birthday we celebrate its decade under the influence of the Age of Terror.
The mind-melt in Synecdoche (New York)
by Anton Bitel
To celebrate the release of Charlie Kaufman's film, we ask how a straight story gets twisted.
Resurrecting the past
by Anton Bitel
FrightFest's Spring Awakening has an older gem but the modern films are stuck in a time warp.
Back from the dead
by Anton Bitel
After a lacklustre horror showing at festivals in the first half of 2008, the FrightFest all-nighter proves there's life in the corpses yet.
Brideshead Revisited
by Anton Bitel
The cast of Julian Jarrold's new film talk about their roles.
Scarily familiar
by Anton Bitel
Although some of the films at <a href="/festivals/frightfest">FrightFest</a> had a cutting edge, many offered variations on older movies - we examine the killers and the copycats in our postmortem.
Hot city frights
by Anton Bitel
A look forward to Film4 FrightFest this August Bank Holiday.
Spotlight Beijing
by Anton Bitel
Chinese films hit London.
Jack Black rewinds the comedy
by Anton Bitel
Anton Bitel meets the star of Be Kind Rewind.
Funeral splurge
by Anton Bitel
Frank Oz and the cast talk about Death At A Funeral
Do you want to see something really scary?
by Anton Bitel
We look forward to the Film4 FrightFest this year in London.
When Japanese cinema went wild
by Anton Bitel
The rise of rebellious directors in the 1960s and 70s who rewrote the rules of Japanese cinema.

Acknowledging her anger Tara Thorne and Lesley Smith on telling missing stories in Compulsus

Investigating a death July Jung on student exploitation, suicide and Next Sohee

Best friends forever? Hannah Barlow and Kane Senes on friendship, trauma and Sissy

The stuff that dreams are made of Andy Mitton on Covid, nightmares, infectious ideas and The Harbinger

John Travolta leads tributes to Olivia Newton-John Grease co-star: You made all of our lives better

Lars Von Trier diagnosed with Parkinson's disease Director plans to have a 'lower public profile' in future

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