A TV star and a stuntman make their way through Tinseltown this week in Once Upon A Time ... In Hollywood - see what director Quentin Tarantino and stars Brad Pitt, Leonardo DiCaprio and Margot Robbie had to say about it - while a true story of literary impersonation is dramatised in JT LeRoy and a Russian rock star is caught up in a love triangle in Leto. A teenager survives Thatcher's Britain through the music of Bruce Springsteen in Blinded By The Light and there's a re-releases for Hitchcock classic Notorious with Cary Grant and Ingrid Bergman.


An audition moves into uncomfortable territory for Lili Link #FantasiaFest #MeToo

Peter Fonda's sister Jane leads tributes to Easy Rider star who has died at 79 Link

A woman's abject failure to take responsibility has horrific consequences in Maggie May Link #FantasiaFest

Valerio Mastandrea talks about working with Abel Ferrara, Valeria Golino, Silvio Soldini and Marco Bellocchio Link

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Packshot of Rondo on DVD Rondo DVD Review
A invitation to cross sexual boundaries leads a troubled young man into a dangerous world.
Packshot of Destroyer on DVD Destroyer DVD Review
An LAPD detective whose undercover work ended in tragedy is faced to confront her past when the leader of the gang she was embedded in re-emerges.


We're looking forward to Frightfest, where Satanic Panic is screening, as well as the Glasgow Youth Film Festival, the San Sebastian Film Festival and NYFF next month.


Inside the story Valerio Mastandrea on working with Abel Ferrara, Valeria Golino, Silvio Soldini and Marco Bellocchio

Cultivating a story Flavio Alves on the lives of trans women and undocumented immigrants, and The Garden Left Behind

Mocky - Final exit for France’s restless free spirit Director and actor dies, aged 90

Connecting two worlds Bart Freundlich on Michelle Williams' character, Billy Crudup's hair, and After The Wedding

Peter Fonda dies at 79 Easy Rider star loses lung cancer fight

Blackbird to open San Sebastian Roger Michell's Slent Heart remake stars Sarandon and Winslet

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