Buddha Collapsed Out Of Shame is among the films screening Buddha Collapsed Out Of Shame is among the films screening

Subtitled 'The Great Game', a name applied by Rudyard Kipling to the military conflicts which took place over strategically important Afghanistan, this festival looks at how centuries of war have affected the country's people and their culture, but it also celebrates the energy and diversity of Afghan life. It includes nine film premieres, plus several visits by leading Afghan directors keen to talk to audiences about their work.

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The Boy Who Plays On The Buddhas Of Bamiyan
The Boy Who Plays On The Buddhas Of Bamiyan
An optimistic documentary following a refugee family who live in a cave besides the ruins of the giant Buddha statues blown up by the Taliban.
Cabal In Kabul
Cabal In Kabul
A documentary about life in Afghanistan.
Kabuli Kid
Kabuli Kid
A Kabul taxi driver finds himself looking after an abandoned baby.
Afghan Star
Afghan Star
Four hopefuls compete to become pop idols in post-Taliban Afghanistan.
Buddha Collapsed Out Of Shame
Buddha Collapsed Out Of Shame
A little girl's attempt to go to school reveals the plight of many in modern Afghanistan.
Joy Of Madness
Joy Of Madness
Fourteen-year-old Iranian girl shoots a documentary about the making of a film in Afghanistan.
In This World
In This World
Docudramatic journey of two Afghan refugees from the Pakistan border to London.
A woman returns to Afghanistan to save her suicidal sister.

Hidden in plain sight Joanna Coates on Hide And Seek.

Inside Jeunet's box of tricks From boyhood puppets to 3D.

Egoyan on the sombre side Director finds inspiration close to home.

Why Nicole would always choose love Cannes opening star on her highs and lows.

Lone wolf John Jarrett on murder, mayhem and Wolf Creek 2.

A red carpet night for The Unknown Known Errol Morris and the stars come out for Donald Rumsfeld documentary.

The making of a Minister Bertrand Tavernier on Quai D'Orsay.

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