London Film Festival: Episode Two
by Paul Griffiths
Film is all about a point of view...
A Flick of independence
by Paul Griffiths
David Howard and Faye Dunaway talk about making British horror on a shoestring budget.
Liman 'down-and-dirty' for Jumper
by Paul Griffiths
Star Hayden Christensen praises the <a href="">Jumper</a> director's spontaneity.
Freeze frames
by Paul Griffiths
Director Asif Kapadia talks about finding the arctic location and cast for his latest film Far North.
London Film Festival: Days six to 12
by Paul Griffiths
More gossip from the 51st edition of the fest.
London Film Festival: Days one to six
by Paul Griffiths
Our diarist rounds up some of his favourite moments.
Difficulties of A Man's Job
by Paul Griffiths
Director Aleksi Salmenperä on controversy and his latest film.
London Film Festival 2006: Day 14
by Paul Griffiths
Our diarist heads for the ghettos of Manila, courtesy of The Blossoming Of Maximo Oliveras.
London Film Festival 2006: Day 13
by Paul Griffiths
Ben Affleck and Jason Isaac grace the red carpet for Hollywoodland and our reviewer goes Slumming
A birthday portrait
by Paul Griffiths
LFF celebrates 50 years with Trafalgar Square extravaganza.
Kate delays own premiere
by Paul Griffiths
Star takes time out to greet fans at LFF.
It's Scott to be Ridley, says Crowe
by Paul Griffiths
Star reveals why he loves to work with Brit director.
Crowds scrum on down for Black Book screening
by Paul Griffiths
Paul Griffiths reports from the London Film Festival screening of Paul Verhoeven's latest film.
Verhoeven on the 'necessity' of returing to Europe
by Paul Griffiths
Director speaks candidly about new film Black Book.
Gimme Five
by Paul Griffiths
Paul Griffiths faces the agonies of choice during the first five days of the London Film Festival, ultimately plumping for The Last King Of Scotland, Candy, A Comedy Of Power and Big Bang Love, Juvenile A.
Michael Douglas on The Sentinel
by Paul Griffiths
A reflective star on the duties of fatherhood and finding balance in his work.
Making Magic on a shoestring - Scott Ryan Interview
by Paul Griffiths
Paul Griffiths catches up with Scott Ryan to find out what kind of celluloid (DV) sorcery one can conjure with around $3000.
Slumming It In Rio
by Paul Griffiths
Documentary filmmaker Matt Mochary explains how the risks paid off when making Favela Rising in the slums of Rio de Janeiro
Getting To The Heart Of It
by Paul Griffiths
Writer-director David O Russell on the tortuous history of I Heart Huckabees.

It never was you Laurie Simmons on My Art and pushing boundaries

On the road Paolo Virzi on Donald Sutherland, Helen Mirren and The Leisure Seeker

Making a connection David Chirchirillo on Bad Match, online dating and the legacy of Fatal Attraction

Behind the mask Julien Maury and Alexandre Bustillo on taking on the legacy of Leatherface

Palm Springs announces winners Félicité, The Charmer and The Insult among prizes.

Paradis presides over Césars Special tribute to Jeanne Moreau at French awards

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