In search of Gertrude Bell
by Anne-Katrin Titze
Sabine Krayenbühl and Zeva Oelbaum on Letters From Baghdad.
My Men opens French Film Festival
by Amber Wilkinson
Director Emma Luchini attends Q&A
The art of festival planning
by Anne-Katrin Titze
From baby elephants to Bert Berns with DOC NYC's Thom Powers.
DOC NYC encore highlights
by Anne-Katrin Titze
David Lynch: The Art Life, The Ivory Game, Le Concours and Letters From Baghdad.
Death and water
by Anne-Katrin Titze
Gianfranco Rosi on Boatman, death as a part of life, and the grain of film.
Made In Prague highlights
by Amber Wilkinson
Five to watch from the programme.
Heart of the story
by Amber Wilkinson
Jane Gull talks about casting and shooting My Feral Heart.
Looking ahead to DOC NYC
by Anne-Katrin Titze
Artistic Director Thom Powers on some of the treats coming up.
All the colours of Aquarius
by Anne-Katrin Titze
Kleber Mendonça Filho on madeleines and memories.
"I just wanted to go crazy and stab a guy a bunch of times"
by Paul Risker
Lauren Ashley Carter on Darling.
DOC NYC 2016: early bird highlights
by Anne-Katrin Titze
Citizen Jane: Battle For The City; Miss Sharon Jones!; Life, Animated and Fire At Sea.
The visitor
by Anne-Katrin Titze
Maren Ade and Sandra Hüller discuss work, meerkats and Toni Erdmann.
UK film events this Halloween
by Jennie Kermode
Seasonal screamers to shock and excite.
Mysterious island
by Anne-Katrin Titze
Gianfranco Rosi on the Lampedusa crisis and uniting two worlds in Fire At Sea.
Out of the shadows
by Jennie Kermode
Paul Dalio on being bipolar, Touched With Fire and the power of art.
A little flame in the dark
by Jennie Kermode
Erica Tremblay on roller derby, gender, community and In The Turn.
"I wanted to do something subversive"
by Anne-Katrin Titze
Michael Moore In TrumpLand - in his own words.
Natural connection
by Paul Risker
Stuart A Staples and David Reeve on reinterpreting the work of F Percy Smith.
Behind the scenes
by Anne-Katrin Titze
Alex Horwitz, Lin-Manuel Miranda and Ron Chernow at the Hamilton's America première.
Finding Jackie
by Anne-Katrin Titze
Natalie Portman on playing the First Lady in public and in private.
Learning to say no
by Anne-Katrin Titze
Sônia Braga on Aquarius and surviving the red carpet.
Legendary lady
by Anne-Katrin Titze
Pablo Larraín on Jackie, Camelot and the uncontrollable.
A life fully lived
by Anne-Katrin Titze and Annette Insdorf
Annette Insdorf recalls encounters with Andrzej Wajda.
Farewell to a master clown
by Richard Mowe and Odile Étaix
Recalling memories of Pierre Étaix, who has died aged 87.
One of the greatest
by Anne-Katrin Titze and Richard Peña
Richard Peña remembers Andrzej Wajda.
Finding faith
by Anne-Katrin Titze
Eugène Green on fathers, donkeys and Son Of Joseph.
Farewell to a friend
by Anne-Katrin Titze and Volker Schlöndorff
Volker Schlöndorff honours Andrzej Wajda.
Feeling as others do, part 1
by Anne-Katrin Titze
Terence Davies on innocence, sin, half smiles and A Quiet Passion.
Inside and out
by Anne-Katrin Titze
Kleber Mendonça Filho on Aquarius and a changing world.
Stopping for Death
by Anne-Katrin Titze
Albert Serra and Jean-Pierre Léaud on The Death Of Louis XIV.
Capturing the dance
by Anne-Katrin Titze
Sergei Polunin and Steven Cantor on David LaChapelle, family and Project Polunin.
In-between moments
by Anne-Katrin Titze
Kristen Stewart and Kelly Reichardt on Certain Women.
A study of clumsiness
by Anne-Katrin Titze
Kenneth Lonergan on Manchester By The Sea and moments when life doesn't cooperate.
Meet Uncle Howard
by Anne-Katrin Titze
Sara Driver on the man who shot William Burroughs.
Bertrand Tavernier's odyssey
by Anne-Katrin Titze
The director discusses A Journey Through French Cinema.
The return of SQIFF
by Jennie Kermode
Helen Wright on the Scottish Queer International Film Festival.
A broad vision
by Jennie Kermode
Martin Radich on the trials and triumphs of filming Norfolk.
On pointe
by Anne-Katrin Titze
Sergei Polunin and Steven Cantor on Dancer.
All sewn up
by Anne-Katrin Titze
Jocelyn Moorhouse and Sue Maslin on Rosalie Ham and The Dressmaker.
Stone: US state security way beyond East German Stasi
by Amber Wilkinson
Snowden director and stars talk about whistleblowing, terrorism and biopic.
New York Film Festival encore highlights
by Anne-Katrin Titze
My Journey Through French Cinema, Fire At Sea, Julieta and Neruda.
A touch of glamour
by Anne-Katrin Titze
Jocelyn Moorhouse and Sue Maslin discuss The Dressmaker.
Past and present
by Anne-Katrin Titze
Sharon Maguire and Helen Fielding on Bridget Jones's Baby.
Women on top
by Amber Wilkinson
Sigourney Weaver on rise of strong female roles, support for Clinton and A Monster Calls.
Five to watch on 4K
by Jennie Kermode and Amber Wilkinson
The latest Ultra HD Blu-ray releases reveal a format whose time has come.
Celebrating the network
by Anne-Katrin Titze
Ken Burns and Artemis Joukowsky on Defying The Nazis: The Sharps' War.
Finding the Fab Four
by Anne-Katrin Titze
Paul Shaffer and Alessandro Nivola on their formative Beatles moments.
by Anne-Katrin Titze
Steven Van Zandt at the New York première of The Beatles: Eight Days A Week - The Touring Years.
Trapped in an ideal world
by Anne-Katrin Titze
Fred Schepisi on capturing a mythical Andorra.
The diarist
by Anne-Katrin Titze
Renée Zellweger on why everybody loves Bridget Jones.

Little boy found Sue Brierley and Saroo Brierley on the true story behind Lion.

Gentleman of letters Gay Talese on the importance of James Baldwin and films in I Am Not Your Negro.

Screenings with style GFF Diary days 5&6: power dressing, pipers, Persian food, David Lynch’s photographs and the Margaret Tait Award.

Huppert - the actress who knows no fear Elle star on working with Verhoeven, awards and the gift of confidence

The X factor Stephen Kijak on his career and rockumentary We Are X.

On Body And Soul Takes Golden Bear Hungarian drama wins in Berlin.

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