The observer
by Anne-Katrin Titze
Claude Lelouch on dreams, entertainment and his remarkable career.
Throwing the stone
by Anne-Katrin Titze
Cristian Mungiu talks Cannes, the UK, and working with wild dogs.
What's up, pussycat?
by Anne-Katrin Titze
Ceyda Torun on KEDi and the cats of Istanbul.
From one colour to the other
by Anne-Katrin Titze
Guillaume Gallienne on acting, art, and Cézanne Et Moi.
A post-impression of life
by Anne-Katrin Titze
Director Danièle Thompson on creating a portrait of a friendship in Cézanne Et Moi.
Portrait of a Lady
by Amber Wilkinson
William Oldroyd on austerity and colour-blind casting in his debut Lady Macbeth.
Train of thought
by Anne-Katrin Titze
Craig Johnson and Daniel Clowes on tattoos, Wilson, and being the voice of a dog.
Eye Say
by Jane Fae
What's really going on with all the fuss about Beauty And The Beast's gay character?
Taking the lead
by Anne-Katrin Titze
Judy Greer on working with dogs in Wilson.
A man who speaks his mind
by Anne-Katrin Titze
Woody Harrelson on truth tellers and Wilson.
Inside the Glasgow Short Film Festival
by Andrew Robertson
Awards news and more from Scotland's biggest annual celebration of short film.
All is connected
by Anne-Katrin Titze
Reda Kateb on Wim Wenders, Warren Ellis, Ryan Gosling and more.
Beyond the music
by Anne-Katrin Titze
Reda Kateb on discovering Django Reinhardt.
Lavender's blue
by Anne-Katrin Titze
Nicole Garcia on rebellion, desire, From The Land Of The Moon and unconditional love.
Capturing the Cousteau allure
by Anne-Katrin Titze
Jérôme Salle on Lambert Wilson's performance in The Odyssey.
Now, voyager
by Anne-Katrin Titze
Plunging into the depths of The Odyssey with Jérôme Salle.
The question of the doll
by Anne-Katrin Titze
Christophe Honoré on a funeral, resurrection, Zéro De Conduite and Sophie's Misfortunes.
The girl with three mothers
by Anne-Katrin Titze
Christophe Honoré on childhood misbehaviour and Sophie’s Misfortunes.
Bar talk
by Anne-Katrin Titze
Bertrand Bonello on life imitating art in Nocturama.
Heart of the matter
by Anne-Katrin Titze
Katell Quillévéré on Heal The Living, organ donation and E.T.
Ears for comedy
by Amber Wilkinson
Alessandro Aronadio in conversation about his absurdist drama.
The Ozon layer
by Anne-Katrin Titze
François Ozon on Frantz, Hitchcock and what's in a name.
Finding Django
by Anne-Katrin Titze
Étienne Comar on telling the story of Django Reinhardt and working with Warren Ellis.
Making music storytelling
by Anne-Katrin Titze
Kinan Azmeh on working in refugee centres, storytelling, Syria and The Music of Strangers.
Finding the rhythm
by Anne-Katrin Titze
Cécile de France on her film about jazz guitarist Django Reinhardt.
Crossing the river of forgetfulness
by Anne-Katrin Titze
Cristina Pato on The Music Of Strangers, film, performance and interactive experience.
World of difference
by Amber Wilkinson
Adam Sobel on his portrait of the Qatar migrant labour force The Workers Cup.
Mad for it
by Jennie Kermode
GFF Diary days 11&12: David Tennant, Frightfest and The Princess Bride.
Eye Say
by Anne-Katrin Titze
Looking over La La Land at the Oscars.
The shivers
by Jennie Kermode
GFF Diary days 9&10: The Thing in the snow, Frightfest, Terence Davies, Quinton Aaron and more.
New York Rendez-Vous with French Cinema Early Bird Highlights
by Anne-Katrin Titze
From The Land Of The Moon, Nocturama, Frantz and The Dancer.
Voyage of discovery
by Jennie Kermode
GFF Diary days 7&8: Japanese cinema, documentaries, Ben Wheatley and the Surprise Film.
Little boy found
by Anne-Katrin Titze
Sue Brierley and Saroo Brierley on the true story behind Lion.
Gentleman of letters
by Anne-Katrin Titze
Gay Talese on the importance of James Baldwin and films in I Am Not Your Negro.
Screenings with style
by Jennie Kermode
GFF Diary days 5&6: power dressing, pipers, Persian food, David Lynch’s photographs and the Margaret Tait Award.
Huppert - the actress who knows no fear
by Richard Mowe
Elle star on working with Verhoeven, awards and the gift of confidence
The X factor
by Paul Risker
Stephen Kijak on his career and rockumentary We Are X.
Stranger days
by Jennie Kermode
GFF Diary days 3&4: dinner, dancing, alien hunters and all the fun of the fair.
Looking good in Glasgow
by Jennie Kermode
GFF Diary days 1&2: Handsome Devil, femmes fatales and how to have the time of your life.
Recollections of James Baldwin
by Anne-Katrin Titze
Gay Talese on the man behind the legend and I Am Not Your Negro.
Butterfly memories, part 2
by Anne-Katrin Titze
Screenwriter Luke Davies on Lion and what it felt like to win a BAFTA.
Why Ozon revels in secrets and lies
by Richard Mowe
The director of Frantz on his fascination for Germany, shooting in monochrome and falling in love on set.
Glasgow Film Festival early bird highlights
by Anne-Katrin Titze
Graduation, I Am Not Your Negro, Aquarius and A Quiet Passion.
The view from the mountain
by Anne-Katrin Titze
Cristian Mungiu talks about honesty, guilt and Graduation.
Finding treasure
by Anne-Katrin Titze
Sônia Braga on Aquarius and working with Kleber Mendonça Filho.
Feeling as others do, part 2
by Anne-Katrin Titze
Terence Davies talks about Emily Dickinson, death, costumes and A Quiet Passion.
The outsider's story
by Anne-Katrin Titze
Amma Asante on exploring otherness in A United Kingdom.
Butterfly memories, part 1
by Anne-Katrin Titze
Luke Davies on adapting Saroo Brierley's memoir into Lion.
Making The Wound
by Amber Wilkinson
John Trengove talks about the challenges of his coming-of-age drama.
Diving into the life of Jacques Cousteau
by Richard Mowe
The Odyssey director Jerôme Salle on an underwater legend.

In the city of the world's desire Ceyda Torun on KEDi, cats, femininity and the soul of Istanbul.

A nice cup of tea and a murder Jamie McKeller on The Book Club, legalising murder, serial killers and cake.

Picturing a life Aisling Walsh on Maud Lewis, her home, her paintings and the passing of time.

Michael Nyqvist dies at 56 Swedish actor had been battling lung cancer.

Ricardo Darín to be honoured with Silver Shell San Sebastian celebrate work of Argentinian star.

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